Dressage, from the French word for “training”, is often described as the art of dancing on horseback or ballet on horseback and is often compared to the freestyle of figure skating.  The art of dressage is a harmonious blend of power, beauty and precision. The sport of Dressage is designed to improve a horse’s balance, suppleness and flexibility, as well as improve the communication between horse and rider. Horse and rider combinations complete tests that are graded by a judge (or a panel of judges at the higher levels). Each movement during the test is scored out of ten, with certain movements given heavier weighting in the final computation. General impression marks are also given for things such as rider position, horse’s gaits, etc. and these marks are always given a double weighting (or coefficient) in the final marking. The highest score wins the competition.

Competitor Membership Requirements

OEF Membership Equine Canada
Sport License
Dressage Canada
Equestrian Skills Development
Bronze Bronze
Silver Silver
Gold Gold
Platinum Platinum

Competition Rules

Equine Canada Rules – Section A General Regulations (Download)
Equine Canada Rules – Section E Dressage (Download)


Dressage Canada

News and Articles

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