Endurance riding is a true test of speed, soundness and good horsemanship. Endurance riding involves a horse and rider team, completing a set course of up to 160 km, with maximum times assigned to each distance, within a 24-hour period. Multi-day rides are becoming increasingly popular in North America, offering 2 to 5 days of competitions, each day being considered as an independent, separate contest. Any breed of horse can be used for endurance riding although Arabians and part-Arabians, bred for centuries for their stamina and endurance, have proven to be the most successful breeds. Riders aim to finish the course as quickly as possible with a “sound”, healthy horse. Welfare of the horse is paramount. There are multiple veterinary checks along each course at which horses receive a soundness exam to ensure that they are fit to continue.

Competitor Membership Requirements

OEF Membership Equine Canada
Sport License
Endurance Canada
Equestrian Skills Development
Bronze Bronze
Silver Silver
Gold Gold
Platinum Platinum

Competition Rules

Equine Canada Rules – Section A General Regulations (Download)
Equine Canada Rules – Section J Endurance – (Download)


Endurance Canada
Ontario Competitive Trail Riding Association (OCTRA)