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Hundreds of horse shows are held across the province, some
sanctioned by Equestrian Canada, some sanctioned by other equine organizations, while others are run independently without any sort of endorsement.  It’s not mandatory to sanction a horse show; however, there are tangible benefits for organizers who do choose to register their horse show.

What does it mean to sanction a competition?

EC sanctioned competitions are the only horse shows in Canada that are recognized by Equestrian Canada.  Therefore, only EC sanctioned competitions, with the exception of the OEF Equestrian Skills Development (E.S.D) competitions in Ontario, are eligible to use EC accredited judges, course designers and stewards. Without sanctioning, EC accredited officials are prohibited from officiating at unsanctioned competitions. By using an EC accredited official you can be sure competitors are receiving fair judging, jumping safe courses and EC rules are being followed.

As for dressage competitions, sanctioning means you are also permitted to use the Dressage Canada dressage tests for a nominal fee. For insurance purposes, at all levels of competitions, it is mandatory for horse owners and competitors to hold a valid OEF membership.  This ensures all horses and riders are insured as a safety precaution.

As an added benefit, the OEF and Equestrian Canada proudly promote EC sanctioned competitions on both website event calendars. With over 21,000 members and many more people who visit the OEF’s website, your competition is sure to be seen!

In addition, the OEF proudly provides organizers with off-site support as needed prior to, during and following competitions.  An OEF representative can be reached by phone or email during the week to answer any questions you may have. Organizers can also call Equestrian Canada’s competition hotline (613-287-1515 ext. 199) on the weekends during show season when an EC sanctioned competition is scheduled in the event that their issue can’t wait until Monday.

How do you sanction a competition?

  1. Determine the level of competition that you are sanctioning – Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze.  The sanctioning levels are determined by the amount of prize money and type of classes you will be offering, as outlined in the EC Competition Information Package. It is important to note that Prize List Approval must be submitted prior to being published, as per EC rules. If you are sanctioning one of the following types of competitions you must do so through the Equestrian Canada office:
    • All Horse Trials (Eventing)
    • Platinum or Gold competitions
    • Silver or Bronze competitions that are running concurrently with a Gold competition

    If you are sanctioning a Silver or Bronze level of competition that is taking place in Ontario, you can do so through the OEF Office by following the remaining steps.

  2. Review the EC Competition Administration Policy.
  3. Complete the 2017 Competition Application Form and return it to the OEF office with the appropriate payment as indicated on page 2 of the competition application form. Application form is due 60 days prior to the competition start date otherwise late fee applies.
  4. CLICK HERE to view the Prize List & Entry Form Requirements and then have your Steward complete the Prize List Approval Form and return it to the OEF office (for Silver level competitions only). Prize list approval form is due 30 days prior to the closing date for horse show entries otherwise late fee applies.
  5. Submit a copy of your Certificate of Insurance The required insurance coverage is outlined in Equine Canada’s rules (see Section A, General Regulations – Article A507) Insurance certificate is due 30 days prior to the competition start date otherwise late fee applies.
  6. Submit a copy of your competition prize list and entry form to the OEF office. Prize list is due 30 days prior to competition start date.

If any of the above documents are submitted past the due date late fees will apply as per the EC Schedule of Fines and Penalties.

Once you have submitted the required paperwork and payment your competition will be listed on the OEF website. You will receive notification via email that your competition and officials have been approved approximately two to three weeks prior to the competition start date. At that time you will also receive your sanctioning package via email.

Note If you need to make changes to any of the information provided on the competition application for after it has been submitted you must complete and submit an EC Competition Modification Form.

For more information about sanctioning your competition contact Pam Coburn at 905-709-6545/1-877-441-7112 ext. 26 or

To sanction a horse trial, Platinum competition, Gold competition, concurrent Gold/Bronze or concurrent Gold/Silver competition please contact 1-613-287-1515 ext. 118 or visit