Nature’s Run Equestrian

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Contact: Jesse Cassidy-Skof
Address: 775 High Point Road
Port Perry, ON
L9L 1B3




Welcome to Nature’s Run Equestrian!


We strive for excellence in horse keeping to improve health, vitality and soundness by way of movement encouraged feeding systems and paddocks. Our goal is to achieve a stress free environment for both horse and rider with support from our team of qualified professionals.

Emotional and physical fitness are both necessary qualities of a successful athlete in any sport; in equestrianism we have to work with two different teammates who speak two different languages. Managing stress while bridging that gap is where we find success!

Our training techniques for each rider is based around the principles of how horses communicate with one another; so we can tap into their emotional fitness to create brave, willing and motivated athletes to work along side. In this way we lower stress for our horses which increases overall performance and safety for our riders.

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