About a month ago I went online and ordered two pallets of MAAAX forage cubes. The delivery system was great. The product is very clean and the quality is consistent. I’m very happy with this product.

I tried it as one of my hay feeds inside during the day. I will be expanding it to the second hay feed inside the barn because the horses are keeping a lot of weight. They look great and I’ve cut my grain bill by three bags a week! I’m going from 18 bags to 15 bags. At $18/bag, that’s a saving of $54. While the hay cubes are slightly more expensive than small square bales, I’m saving money each week and my staff labor has decreased. Staff loves the MAAAX forage cubes because there is no mess to clean up after each hay feeding.

Each horse is on one full grain scoop of forage cubes per feeding and I don’t soak the product prior to feeding. It takes the horses the same amount of time to eat a full scoop of forage cubes as it does a flake of hay. I can see myself replacing my square bales completely. I’m already considering using this product as my indoor hay source, with just a few square bales in my barn for trailer travel and situations that are not part of the daily routine, emergency types. My older, heavier school horses are benefiting from the dust free forage and the proof is in their coat and hoof horn quality. My school horses have been cut completely from grain because they’re holding such great weight from only being on the MAAAX forage cubes.

Another great benefit is that I’m also receiving points on my Visa card for ordering the forage cubes online!

– Mark Nelson, Oakhurst Farm, Ashton, ON.


I was first introduced to MAAAX forage cubes while attending the Canadian Interprovincial Equestrian Championships in Blainville, Quebec as the coach for Ontario’s Show Jumping team. MAAAX generously sponsored our team and provided us with complimentary product. I was eager to take some home to try on two of our older horses to see if it would help with their condition. We had been frustrated by inconsistent hay quality and palatability and questioned how much nutrient value they were actually receiving.

Like other horse owners, I was a bit concerned about the possibly of choking problems. I considered moistening the cubes, but due to their long fibre composition I found soaking unnecessary. The horses showed absolutely no signs of difficulty eating them. And even though we have been feeding a high fat and fibre grain ration, they showed a significant improvement in condition when they started eating the MAAAX forage cubes. These two horses have free choice hay in a feeder during the day and then MAAAX forage cubes in their stalls at night. There is no waste and their buckets are empty in the morning. We estimate we are feeding $4 per horse/per day and have seen a great improvement in their condition in just a month or two. We’ll definitely continue to feed MAAAX and introduce it to other performance horses in our stable.

– Rick Bishop, Wellington, ON.


I just thought I would let you know that I got my first skid of the MAAAX alfa-timothy long-fibre cubes two nights ago. All three of our horses love them. Actually, two of them get really excited for it! My biggest worry was that I would have to feed an enormous amount in the cold weather to keep them snacking all night to keep warm. Last night they each got 5lbs of cubes and this morning everyone was toasty warm. It didn’t look like any of the horses even slept in the building and it was -33 Celsius. I will definitely be completely switching from hay to the MAAAX cubes. I really hope OEF continues with Bruce-Agra to make this amazing product available to OEF members.

— Della Beaulieu, Espanola, ON.


We have been feeding these for the past month or so overnight for a horse we have been rehabbing from chronic hind gut ulcers. He cannot have hay 12 hours a day in an attempt to rest his hind gut and we were really worried he wouldn’t eat enough cubes overnight to keep his weight on. He eats every bite of his cubes, every single night! Thank you for offering such a great product to your members – and their picky eaters!

– Jesse Cassidy-Skof, Port Perry, ON.


“I have been in the horse business since I was a little girl. One thing that I learned from an early age is the importance of a good feeding program. You can have an excellent jumper, but if he’s not on the best feeding program, he won’t perform to his full potential. Feeding high quality forage is the base of any feeding program and that is why I have stared incorporating MAAAX into the feeding program here at The Meadows. We are in the first phase of incorporating MAAAX into our program and have started with the night check feed. I have started here because it’s not complicated and easy to measure. I do have some horses strictly on MAAAX because of breathing issues or hay sensitivities and they look fantastic. They are all looking great!”

– Samantha Murray Nosworthy, The Meadows, King, ON.


“I love the consistency MAAAX brings to a feeding program. You know what you are getting every time. Many horse owners will be looking and wondering if they have enough good quality hay in their hay lofts to get through the winter, and if you don’t I would suggest trying MAAAX. It’s an excellent product.”

– Penny Murray, The Meadows, King, ON.