Stable Application & Benefits

Commercial stables in Ontario can join the OEF Horse Facility Council.  The OEF offers exclusive marketing opportunities and special discounts to Horse Facility associates in addition to all of the benefits of being an individual member.

2017 Horse Facilities Membership = $120 +HST ($135.60)

2017 Fax/Mail/Email Application

Why Join the OEF Horse Facilities Council?

Affordable Advertising

  • Receive a detailed listing in the OEF’s online directory
  • The opportunity to join one of the OEF partner programs to advertise in the OEF E-Newsletter (WHOA! will no longer be available in print.)
  • Access to the OEF website to promote special events, in-store sales, post job positions, etc.
  • Unique graphics that you can use on your website, in your print material, etc. to illustrate your affiliation with the OEF

Discount Programs

Programs to Help Your Business

Host OEF Events

  • The opportunity to host OEF events such as clinics, instructor/coach evaluations, etc.

Referrals and Professional Services

  • OEF staff will only recommend stables that belong to the OEF Horse Facility Council