Optional Insurance

Optional OEF Member Insurance Benefit

All individual OEF members living in Ontario are eligible to purchase the following optional insurance benefits upon joining. The optional insurance benefits are in force twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week and cover members anywhere in the world.  All insurance programs are provided by Intercity Insurance Services.

$10,000 Members Named Perils 
Horse Mortality

Horse(s) you own are insured against death or destruction caused or made necessary by the perils of: lightning, and collision/derailment/overturning of a conveyance in which the horse is being transported, as well as other perils described 
in the policy. This policy does not insure against death or destruction made necessary by illness unless such illness is caused by a specified peril. The maximum payable per horse and per member term is $10,000 regardless of the number or value of horses you own. Claims are settled on an Actual Cash Value basis. COST: $17.00

$2,500 Emergency Life Saving Surgery – $250 Deductible

This Endorsement is available only when purchased with the
Members Named Perils Horse Mortality coverage above. This
extension to your Horse Mortality policy covers emergency,
life-saving surgical procedures that take place under a general
anesthetic, including colic and fracture repair. The limit per
horse / procedure and aggregate per member per membership term is $2,500 regardless of the number of horses you own
or the number or cost of surgeries performed. There is a deductible of $250. This extension does not cover surgery related to birthing, cosmetic, voluntary, dental, arthritic changes, bone chip removal, or any pre-existing condition. A surgical procedure must take place for coverage to apply. COST: $46.00

$50,000 AD&D Principal Sum

This policy provides $50,000 for a catastrophic injury PLUS coverage for dental injuries ($5,000 Principal Sum) and fracture injuries ($7,500 Principal Sum if wearing a helmet/$2,500 Principal Sum if not wearing a helmet). Please note that there is no coverage for loss of income or short/long-term disability under the OEF AD&D program. Coverage applies to horse- related injuries as outlined in the policy wording COST: $32.00 per person

$10,000 Tack and Horse Equipment

Tack and horse equipment you own (excluding rider clothing and protective equipment) is insured against all risks of loss
or damage, subject to standard property exclusions detailed
in the policy. The limit per claim/aggregate per member per membership term is $10,000 regardless of the value of the equipment lost or damaged, and is subject to a $500 deductible. Claims are settled on an Actual Cash Value basis. For a theft claim to be valid, a police report will be required. COST: $40.00

$2 Million Out-of-Province Travel Health Insurance

Provides $2,000,000 out-of-province/country coverage for out of pocket medical treatments and/or hospitalization. Trips up to 90 days in length, any number of trips – worldwide. Coverage is restricted to members who have not reached the age of 75 years. COST: $125.00

Weekly Accident Indemnity
 (Short Term Disability)

This coverage can provide you with income replacement for up to 26 weeks if you are unable to work due to an accident. Maximum benefit is 75% of wages earned (and previously reported to CRA) or $500/week-whichever is the lesser. A separate application is required for the coverage to be placed. Please contact Intercity directly. This coverage is available to members under the age
of 70. COST: $160.00

NCCP Certified Equestrian Coaching Program Insurance

NCCP Certified Coach Insurance is available November 1st. If you are interested, please email us at horse@horse.on.ca

Further questions regarding your OEF member insurance program can be directed to the official insurance provider for the Ontario Equestrian Federation:

Intercity Insurance Services
1-888-394-3330 OEF@IntercityInsurance.com