OEF Model Member Award

All current OEF Members are eligible to make nominations and/or receive an OEF Model Member Award with the exception of OEF Staff, Board of Directors and immediate family members of Staff and Directors.  In an effort to acknowledge Model Members, the OEF will present all recipients with black wool coolers that comprise the OEF logo. Supplied by Brubacher’s Harness and Saddlery, the coolers will be awarded to recipients during a special presentation arranged by the OEF.

Please note that the OEF Model Member Award is a separate award from the OEF Annual Awards and can be presented at any time throughout the year. The OEF Model Member Award will only be presented to those who are most deserving.

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OEF Awards

Yvonne Collard Award – awarded to an Adult member of the OEF who has made an outstanding contribution of time and effort to Ontario equestrian sport, recreation, industry and/or equine welfare, in memory of Yvonne Collard who devoted a great deal of energy as an OEF Director and Official to further the sport.

Cassie Bonnar Award – presented to a Junior member of the OEF who has made an outstanding contribution of time and effort to Ontario equestrian sport, recreation, industry and/or equine welfare, in memory of Cassie Bonnar who, despite a courageous battle with cancer to which she succumbed at a young age, exemplified the qualities of a great young humanitarian by always being willing to lend a helping hand to anyone in need.

OEF Sponsor of the Year Award – presented to an individual or corporation making a very special sponsorship gift to support equestrian activity.  The gift may be cash, product or service of any kind.  To be considered, the gift must make possible some form of equestrian activity which otherwise might not take place.

Sandra Sillcox Award – awarded to an official who is deemed to have enhanced or improved competition activity through their judgment, tact and effectiveness.

OEF Media of the Year Award – awarded to the media outlet, which provides the best piece (print or electronic) about an equestrian activity in the period from September 01 of the previous year to August 31 of the current year.

OEF Coach of the Year Award – awarded to the Equine Canada certified coach whose dedication and skill has touched both human and equine athletes; who demonstrates appreciation for a positive influence toward the discipline’s participants, shares knowledge and insight about the discipline with his/her students; believes in and practices ethical conduct in the barn, the arena and at a competition; has positive enthusiasm and dedication for the discipline; demonstrates coaching ability through the success of his/her students in the discipline; and promotes all equine matters in which he/she believes.

OEF/”Just Add Horses” Environmental Award – awarded to an OEF Horse Facilities member who demonstrates and promotes environmentally-friendly practices towards conserving the environment at their facility.  The “Just Add Horses” line of products was created by Alex Milne and Associates and was developed specifically by equine professionals and enthusiasts to improve the health and environment of horses, riders, trainers and staff.

People Make a Difference Award – In recognition of the behind-the-scenes effort of many equine enthusiasts, the OEF bestows “People Make a Difference” Awards upon recipients identified by each of our member associations.

Congratulations to the 2014 OEF Award recipients

Congratulations to 2013 OEF Award recipients

Congratulations to the 2013 OEF People Make a Difference Award recipients