Learn to Ride & Drive

Become a nationally certified rider or driver!  The Equestrian Canada (EC) Learn to Ride & Drive program was developed for individuals who wish to learn safe horsemanship and practices. The purpose of this program is to produce safe and knowledgeable horse people and to assist in the development of future instructors and coaches.

How to take part in the Learn to Ride & Drive Programs:

  1. Join the OEF
  2. Review English Rider 1-10 Rubrics or Western Rider 1-4 & Intermediate Rubrics
  3. Determine the level you want to achieve.  Challenging-a-Level.
  4. Visit the Equestrian Canada E-Store to purchase either the English Rider Manual(s) or Learn to Ride Western Manuals.  You may also wish to purchase the Stable Management in Canada manual.
  5. Contact a current and certified Equestrian Canada instructor/coach to begin training for the exams. Click here to find a certified instructor/coach.
  6. When your instructor/coach feels you are ready, they may be able to administer the exam to you if they have completed the necessary training or some exams require you to use a coach other than your regular coach. Click here to see Whom May Evaluate English Rider Levels or Whom May Evaluate Western Rider Levels
  7. The completed exam and an administration fee of $25.00 is then submitted to the OEF office by the evaluator
  8. Your certificate and badge will be mailed to you after the OEF office receives your completed exam and administration fee
  9. You keep working towards the next Rider Level!


English Learn to Ride Program Documents

English Levels 1-10 Overview 2016

English Rider Level Study Guide

English 9/10 Handbook 

English Learn to Ride Supplement List for Old Manuals


Western Learn to Ride Program Documents

Western Intermediate Rider Addendum


Learn to Drive Program Documents

Learn to Drive Program Rubrics 


For EC Certified Instructors/Coaches

Application to Host Rider Testing

Candidate Application Form