Equestrian Canada Sport Licenses

Who needs an EC Competitive Sport License?

  • Equestrian Canada - WhiteRiders/Drivers who compete in EC sanctioned competitions
  • Owners/Lessees who own horses competing in EC sanctioned competitions
  • Anyone who is listed as a horse/pony owner in an EC passport
  • EC officials including judges, stewards, course designers and technical delegates
  • EC Certified Instructors and Coaches

For more information and to purchase an EC Competitive Sport Licenses please visit Equestrian Canada

Equestrian Canada Not In Good Standing (NIGS)

An Equestrian Canada Sport License is only valid if you have a current OEF membership.  In order to avoid being in Not In Good Standing with EC, please be sure to purchase your OEF membership prior to registering for an sport license.

If you, or your horse, compete in EC sanctioned competitions, have purchased a passport or participate in any EC programs, you must have both an OEF membership and EC Sport License.