OFA Chrysler Fleet Discount

*Industry/Horse Facility Associate Benefit*
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The OFA has extended its Fleet Discount Program to OEF Industry and Horse Facility associates.

The program will provide an opportunity for Industry/Horse Facility associates to save thousands of dollars off dealer invoice pricing on the purchase of new Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge Ram vehicles. The program also includes Fiat.

To receive your discount, simply follow these steps:

  1. Industry/Horse Facility associates need to ensure that they have paid a current OEF associate fee and have a valid HST number
  2. The Industry/Horse Facility associate contacts the OEF office to obtain a personalized access letter that includes the fleet program fan number and the terms and conditions acknowledgement document
  3. The Industry/Horse Facility Associate must present the following items to the Chrysler dealer’s fleet manager at the time of purchase:
    • Personalized Access Letter and OFA Fleet Program Fan Number
    • Signed copy of the Acknowledgement of OFA Fleet Vehicle Discount Program Terms and Conditions
    • Current OEF card
    • Valid HST number

For more information and/or the concession list please contact Brandon Hall at b.hall@horse.on.ca or 1-877-441-7112 ext.30.