Optional Insurance

Optional OEF Member Insurance Benefits


BFL_LOGO_2015All individual OEF members living in Ontario are eligible to purchase the following optional insurance benefits upon joining. The optional insurance benefits are in force twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week and cover members anywhere in the world.  All insurance programs are provided by BFL Canada.

$15,000 Specified Perils Mortality Insurance

Provides you with basic coverage on horses you own against death or humane destruction due to fire, lightning, collision or overturning of a transporting conveyance, and other perils detailed in the policy. The limit can be applied to multiple horses, but the total limit of insurance per year is $12,000 regardless of the number or value of horses you own. COST: $27.00

$2,500 Emergency Life Saving Surgery Endorsement

Covers emergency, life-saving surgical procedures under a general anesthetic, including colic and fracture repair. You must have Horse Mortality coverage above in order to be eligible. The limit can be applied to multiple horses/procedures, but the total limit of insurance per year is $2,500 regardless of the number of horses you own or procedures that are done. COST: $49.00

$50,000 AD&D Principal Sum Top-Up

Your membership automatically includes $30,000 AD&D coverage (for injuries due to a horse-related accident). You can supplement this benefit with an additional $50,000 limit. COST: $22.00 per person

$3,500 Tack and Horse Equipment Insurance

Do you keep your tack at the barn? Your homeowners insurance may not respond to a claim for loss or damage if it is kept outside your residence for more than 30 days. This coverage ensures you have protection no matter where you keep your tack. COST: $29.00

Out of Province Travel Health Insurance

Competitive group rates are available to OEF members.  Simply call 416-847-8076 or toll free 1-877-874-8076 or visit www.inglegroups.com/equine for travel insurance customized to meet your specific needs.


Further questions regarding your OEF member insurance program can be directed to the official insurance provider for the Ontario Equestrian Federation:

BFL CANADA Risk and Insurance Services Inc.
1-800-668-5901 OEF@BFLCANADA.ca